Make Your Own Success Story

It's hard not to compare yourself to others. Especially in the freelance/entrepreneur/blogger world where everyone is doing the exact same thing as you. Even outside of your profession, your peers, family members, and Facebook friends all put this sort of online pressure on you to be successful based off of their most recent status update. Sure, I've got friends who are making over $80K working in the pharmaceutical or finance industries, which is great. And sure, it's great to see them enjoy their lovely lives full of lavish vacations, promotions, gifts, and new cars via Instagram. But, the big question is - should I be jealous and aim for their so-called success? No. I've realized that defining your own version of personal success is much healthier than comparing yourself to others and their levels of success. Think back when you were a little boy or girl - what did you envision yourself doing? I'm not talking about the exact career choice; how many of us turned out to actually be ballerinas or firemen? I'm talking about envisioning the lifestyle you wished for as a child. Did you want one where you spent your time traveling? One where you would be working a few hours a week and then spending time with family and friends for the rest of the time? Did you envision starting your own business and being your own boss?

Start living your life without the distractions of other people's happiness or success. I would never be truly happy as a financial advisor or nurse working late nights for "the man," hence why I went on my own as a creative entrepreneur. Spend more time pushing you and your business forward instead of comparing yourself to others! You'll find that the more effort and dedication you put into making your dreams come true, the more potential you have to reach your own version of "successful." Good luck everyone on your personal journeys, and I'll see you on my next lavish vacation friends.

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