Making Moves

We're making moves! The entrepreneur inside of me is in full gear as Celestine and I start locking down a new studio space together. We plan on using the space to keep growing our freelance digital design and branding business, Olive & Gold Studio, keep writing about kickass people and places on Femme & Fortune, and also teach and host workshops for creatives via Blog Bloom here. With all of our side projects, it's only natural that we need a space for us to be creative and in work-mode (my living room can only do so much!). We're totally digging the new studio we found below and plan on making it into a blogger heaven. We'll be painting the walls white, the floors white (with gold dots), add in desks for interns/workshops, a lounge area with a couch and TV, and so much more! Eeeeeeek. I'm already excited as I write this. All I need is for Ces to wake up so we can head over and sign the lease studio-3 studio-2 studio