Model Behavior

Model Behavior-2 Model1 Model Behavior-9 Model2 Model Behavior-12I recently went to NYC for a photoshoot with my new friend and an amazing fashion photographer named Suni. We met actually more than a year ago at a Philly Style Bloggers event, and ever since then I've seen her name pop up more and more in the blogger world here. We finally met at her Halloween party at her beautiful apartment, and then we met for lunch, which then led me to a train with her to NYC! It's funny how meeting people can change your weekend plans in a snap! I had a great time with Suni as I spent the day shadowing and helping her out as she played fashion photographer. We set up at an Airbnb in Chinatown (which was my first time hearing about Airbnb and how cool it is), and then headed to Soho for some street fashion shots for a NYC-based fashion apparel company called Jay Kay New York. It was a great experience because I'm all about networking and constantly learning from others. Sometimes you really have to humble yourself down in order for you to grow, and that's exactly what I did as I helped Suni behind the scenes. I'm trying to be a better photographer each day, so I've been really starting to listen to people already in the business for tidbits on lenses, running a photography business, how to control lighting, etc. Not that I want to become a full-time photographer anytime soon, but I do want to become someone that can take great photos to help benefit other projects like my blog and client websites.

For all of my photography friends out there, what were some resources that helped you out as you became a professional behind the camera?