Mr. Gay Competition!

Philadelphia is this year's national host for the Mr. Gay Competition! Check out the description from Saturday, November 13th at 9 p.m., Voyeur Nightclub will host the annual U.S. Mr. Gay competition. The event brings together contestants from across the country, plus a wide range of performers, celebrity hosts, judges, and spectators.

A series of competitive categories will culminate in the naming of the 2011 U.S. Mr. Gay titleholder. The winner will go on to compete in International Mr. Gay (IMG).

Gossip columnist Michael Musto, celebrity stylist and reality TV star David Evangelista, four time Emmy-award winning television producer Terence Noonan, and national magazine editor Mr. Mickey headline the 2010 U.S. Mr. Gay judges’ panel.

In addition to stand-out judges, Sirius OUT Q radio star Frank DeCaro and hilarious drag personality Brittany Lynn are co-hosts of the event.

This is the first year that an east coast destination has secured the honor of hosting the U.S. Mr. Gay Competition.