My First Girl Develop It Class

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I've decided to really focus on increasing my skills recently. First stop: Girl Develop It. To learn more about the coding and design aspects of the blogging world, I took my first GDI class yesterday on Photoshop for Web Design. Taught by front-end developer Zoe Rooney (do check out her blog if you want to learn a ton of information about design, development, entrepreneurship and more!), we learned about best practices when creating a PSD for web design. A few important tips that I learned:

  • Make sure your Photoshop canvas is all set up correctly before starting (aka use pixels for all units, create keyboard shortcuts for the obvious reasons, create grids and guides for ease of use, etc.)
  • You can create separate files for a site if you work in stages, or you can group layers together on one PSD file to represent the whole site. Just be weary that using one PSD file to send to your developer may turn out huge in size.
  • Make a style and font guide for your developer so that they're on the same page (pun intended) as you for your site.
  • Place images onto your canvas, don't open them onto your canvas.
  • Organize, organize, organize your layers! Check out Photoshop Etiquette for more info.
  • Learn how to slice. Slicing is isolating pieces of your layout to upload onto your server within code.

Yay! So I've signed up for some other design/development classes to kickstart my education, so stay tuned for other updates. I even made my top navigation bar black last night using some CSS tweaking. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

*In the photo above: Sam, Lisa, Melissa & Zoe of Girl Develop It!