Philly Faves // Neighborhood Coffee @ OCF

Philly Faves - OCF Coffeehouse | Philly Faves - OCF Coffeehouse | Philly Faves - OCF Coffeehouse | MelissaAlam.comOCF Coffeehouse is pretty sweet, so I decided to highlight it for my Philly Faves series (last one can be found here). Brightly lit, wooden floors and located in what seems to be an old warehouse, this Fairmount coffee spot is one of my faves for working in during the day. They have two other locations, but this one is my fave since it's within walking distance for me. If I could add one thing, it would be that I wish there were more outlet areas around the seating area because my cute little laptop needs love once in a while. Other than that this place is great! I snapped up a few random pics the last time I was there so y'all could see the place virtually first heehee. I enjoyed their portobello egg sandwich special there as you can see above, but all of their menu is delicious. We'll be hosting a Banter & Beans event there soon, so some of you local bloggers can come out and visit OCF anyway!

Have a good Thursday everyone (I was just about to type I can't keep track of these days anymore)!