Oh Hey, San Miguel de Allende

This post probably makes me seem like a travel blogger. I mean the past few posts have been about places I've recently visited, but I promise I'll start posting more about the rest of life and entrepreneurship soon! I'm happy to say that I'm typing this from my bed in San Miguel de Allende. We had a 6am flight from Philadelphia and landed in this gorgeous town around noon today. It's as if someone (God?) placed this historic and colorful little town in the middle of nowhere. Driving from the airport took about an hour, but it was worth it. Not only is the town beautiful, but the house that my friend rented for us is FUCKING AMAZING. Yes, FUCKING AMAZING. It's literally a mansion with 7 rooms, a pool, a foyer with a fountain, about 5 different living room/common areas, and a rooftop terrace that's bigger than apartments back in Philly. It was absolutely breathtaking that we cried. Okay, I tried to cry but tears didn't come out, and Sara balled her eyes out all day. Let's just say that small town Sara finally made it to her first trip abroad, and I'm enjoying her child-like amusement to everything. Through it all, we were reminded today that the world is a big place, and we've barely touched it.