One Day...When I Have A Real Office

Office Furniture DreamsI'm back from my blogging break. Even though I wasn't able to start moving in yet (fingers crossed for this week), I was able to chug through a lot of work and client deliverables last week. I had an awesome meeting yesterday with a few partners as we plan an upcoming conference here in Philly. It.Is.Going.To.Be.Awesome. We're hoping to launch the landing page within two weeks, so you'll get the full low down on that soon. If you're from out of state, this is something that hopefully interests you to travel to Philadelphia for in June! Meanwhile in a far away galaxy I call my brain, I've been dreaming of having a real office here in Philly. A headquarters for Femme & Fortune slash a creative space to host events and co-work. Only problem? Capital. It sucks how you need so much capital (or a sugar daddy, hhmmm...) to really start a business. Maybe I'll go on Shark Tank. Maybe Ces and I will start a kickstarter for the space. All I know is that I'm dreaming of a gorgeous office space here in Philly, and I'm going to work my butt off until the words "official office launch party" are written down on an invite somewhere. In gold foil preferably.

I've already chosen some must-haves in this future office of mine. I love color, so I couldn't resist some bright pieces! If you had all the money in the world, what office furniture would you splurge on?

Aqua File Cabinet / Expedit Pink Bookshelf / Ink Blue Velvet Chaise / White Office Desk / Swivel Desk Chair / Navy Bloom Rug