Philly Blog Love


A brand new collaborative group is coming to the Philly blog world! Get ready for Philly Blog Love peeps! I'll be taking the role as Creative Director for Philly Blog Love, alongside Chaucee of Streets and Stripes (Editorial Director), Brittiny of Fashion of Philly (Community Affairs Director), Kate of Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra (Social Media Director), and Jessie of Trend Hungry (Founder). We'll be officially launching our site (hope you all like it, cause I developed it ha!) on Monday, and we'll be accepting members soon thereafter. As this is going to be a bit of an exclusive network of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, there will be some requirements for membership, so stay tuned for full details on Monday.

Can't wait to launch and start taking over the blog world soon! We're even in talks of potentially hosting a blog conference later this year. Hell to the ya! So get ready Philly Bloggers!