Philly FABB Hosts A Summer White Party

Last night was another great Philly FABB event hosted at Philly's eyelash central - Deneen Marcel Lashes on 4th and South. Here'a  little blurb on Deneen and her lash boutique: Specializing in custom eyelash extensions, Deneen Marcel Lashes is the most sought-after lash extensionist and brow stylist in the City of Philadelphia. This non-surgical procedure is a small wonder that makes a big difference. With lashes by Deneen Marcel Lashes, everyone wakes up pretty!

With the theme of "White Party" everyone dressed up in some fun, white attire while sipping some white wine and champagne and munching on delicious sweet AND savory cupcakes from It's A Cupcake. I mean the cupcakes were seriously delicious, so check them out asap! Other guests include Andre from his fabulous salon, Andre Richard Salon and Jennifer of Simply Adeline's beautiful clay jewelry. The night ended with a raffle for a full set of lashes and guess who won?

Your's truly! To view my awkwardness as they announced the winner, check out Brittiny's Vine here.

Take a look at some photos from the event below and I'll keep you all posted on how I look when I get my lashes on this July. Also, thanks to Jessie for throwing a fabulous event yet again!

The fabulous hosts Deneen Marcel and Jessie Holeva!

The fabulous hosts Deneen Marcel and Jessie Holeva!WhitePartyWhiteParty-2 WhiteParty-11 WhiteParty-52 WhiteParty-10