Rent The Runway's Pop-Up Showroom

Rent The Runway made another fashionable appearance last night at the beautiful Arts Ballroom on 13th and Locust. I attended with some Philly Fabb members as we enjoyed some heavy drooling over this season's prettiest dresses and gowns from some amazing designers. Rent The Runway is what most people refer to as "Netflix For Fashion" as it's the perfect fix for those of us fashionistas with a ton of cocktail attire-required events and no desire to be caught dead in the same outfit twice. It's super easy to rent designer dresses and accessories for an upcoming event through RTR, and you're left with many envious looks from every female around you who most likely decided to shop at Forever 21 yet again. Anyway, check out some of my photos below from the event! The dresses in the pop-up showroom were colorful and glamorous; it was hard to resist buying something but alas, I'm saving for decorating my new apartment (!). However, I just created an account on RTR and have this Majestic Waters Gown by Nicole Miller in mind for the next big event I attend (which I hope is asap!).

RTR Showroom-5-2RTR Showroom-9-2RTR Philly FabbRTR Showroom-8-2RTR Showroom-4-22RTR Colors