I recently came back from my 5 year high school reunion at one of the country's most elite boarding schools located in Connecticut. Correction: Bumblefuck, Connecticut. Driving up had me a little anxious to see the people of my past. Fellow students that have grown up and potentially become brand-new people. The possibilities of everyone's changes were limitless! Turns out, everyone was the same! It was as if we froze our lives from senior year, added outrageous amounts of liquor and lived like the wild animals we were too repressed or shy to be in high school. Overall, I had a great time catching up with everyone. I was so inspired with where and what everyone was currently doing; it was neat to see what majors or industries everyone chose and what adventures they got into during college. It made sense for the majority of my classmates to be where they are right now, so who knows what changes I'll see in 5 years at our 10 year reunion! Insert lots of children and spouses. Eeeeek.