So I've never been one on understanding the dynamics of familial relations, but I think I'm starting to get it. See, I grew up with only my two brothers and my parents in my life. The whole notion of relatives was across the world for me what I call the "motherland" (Bangladesh). So growing up and celebrating holidays meant celebrating with my parents and their friends as I awkwardly sat around in my cultural outfit trying to make conversation with the other awkwardly placed minority children. My brother's also played a somewhat pivotal role in why I am the way I am today; they were ages ahead of me so while I was watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, they were also watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Ok well, that's because our maturity levels were somewhat balanced, but what I meant to say was that while I was eating Lunchables, they were out drinking at frat parties. I never really got the full idea of family and blood lines, until recently. I was hanging out with my niece just now and I had this epiphany important enough to make me write this blog post. I realized that this little miniature version of myself was the future of this family, and a direct blood link to who I am and my history. I actually felt connected to her today in a way that I never really did with the rest of my family. I felt kinda whole, very overprotective of her, and just in love with the bond we shared as aunt and niece. I don't know, I just felt like I had a reason to live and continue my journey through life...all the while being the best role model of an aunt I could ever be.