Say Cheese

So I had a great Skype chat with my niece today. I asked her the following question: Me- "What is love, Aria?: Baby Niece- "Love is like when somebody hugs somebody, they have hearts in their eyes, and that means they love somebody. Like when I watch the cartoons."

She was also trying to tell me to visit Sonic dot com so I can read comics about Sonic (her favorite character of the moment).

Aria- "Mima, type in sonic dot com. Ok I'll do it." :::types "soniccom"::: Me- "No Aria, you need to put a period or dot in there. Like Sonic DOT com." Aria- "Ohhhh, dot com. Okay." :::types in "soniccom.":::

Pretty funny convo. As she was furiously typing away in her little Skype box, I quickly said "Smile!" so I could take a screen capture. Got a pretty intense, crazyass smile from her and myself. Ahhh, it's love.