Say NO to Disposable Chopsticks!

A recent article on discusses how Greenpeace has planted a "chopstick forest" (created by Ogilvy & Mather) outside of a popular shopping center in Beijing in order to call attention to the urgent need for forest conservation in China. The traveling exhibit will also be displayed at universities and art galleries around Beijing in the coming months after a three day stint at the shopping center. Over 80,000 pairs of used and sanitized disposable wooden chopsticks were collected by over 200 volunteers from 20 Chinese universities to create the chopstick tree demonstration.

This is a great example of China using art as a way to create buzz for a national cause; the mass production and use of these disposable wooden chopsticks is a huge factor in China’s continual scarcity of forest land per capita (fact: China ranks 139th worldwide in forest land per capita?!).

Viewers were invited to pledge their commitment to stop the use of wooden chopsticks as Greenpeace gave away hundreds of pairs of eco-friendly, reusable chopsticks. Support the cause and pledge your name at!