Showing Vulnerability on

I had a recent experience that inspired me to finally write my first post on I've been wanting to write something for this open blogging platform, especially seeing my mentor's candidness on it. I would open up a draft and just stare for thirty seconds, not knowing what to write.  First lesson - don't force it. Ponytails, relationships, blog posts. Let it come naturally and you'll be so much happier.   Second lesson - just fucking do it. I opened up about how someone I was seeing decided to talk to me because I thought it would be a bit therapeutic to tell my story. I wasn't expecting anything out of it. I just hoped that expressing myself would help me understand myself more and inspire others to see my side of things, especially why I started The Hive.   The result of my post was more than I could have ever thought. I've been receiving messages and texts about my post and I'm going to share some of my favorite below. I'm not a very emotional or mushy type of person, but these individuals reaching out and saying such kind words did give me a few tears. For believing in me and my words, I am so grateful.  

"This is phenomenal...A level of Feminism that truly advocates for equality... Unfortunate that you have to explain your motives, but as a woman what else is new. ;)   "Please don't stop! It's women like you who open up a whole new and comfortable world for other women! Thank you"   "Yes. It was very good. Do what you are doing. Be brave and focused. Your idea is great. Don't worry. They will come. Sometimes, it takes some time." - from my amazing and supportive dad <3   "Your medium article was dope. You should write more. Women in Philadelphia and beyond need you to. And men."   "Melissa Alam has conquered so much. She completely embodies the modern day strong female. Thank you for sharing. This is such a great read. Get it girl!"   "Wow. I truly opened this post not expecting to learn anything new or exciting about my partner in crime Melissa Alam. After reading this incredible entry, I am so proud of her and the energy she puts forth into the world. Worth the four minutes. Worth 400 minutes."


Anyway thank you all for all of the awesome comments and feedback. Third lesson I've learned from this is to keep on writing. I've got a narrative that only I can have, and I need to share more of it with the world.   Feel free to read my post "We all have our battles...A journey towards my personal empowerment" over on Medium. Let me know what you think. Seriously.