Snapshots from Orlando

Disneyworld-15 Disneyworld-14 Disneyworld-16 Disneyworld-13NAPA Conference-27I was in Orlando, Florida this past weekend for an annual Greek Nationals conference. I've attended this conference for the past three years and had the opportunity to attend again! I had an awesome time as usual (I LOVE exploring new cities), but I had the worst time getting back. My flight back to Philly got cancelled, rerouted, and delayed. I went from Orlando to Philly (but then landed in Charlotte, North Carolina due to the Philly airport closing from snow), to Allentown, PA (but landed in Scranton, PA because of an icy runway), and then finally to Allentown, followed by an hour long drive to Philly. I was supposed to arrive at home at 3pm in the afternoon...turns out I came home at 5am. Not the happiest of times. Oh well! I'm trying to plan another trip to a random city...and Denver might be it! Anyone from Denver or have any suggestions about the Mile-High City?