3 Chrome Extensions You Need!

I wrote this recent post titled "3 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Browsing Experience" for social media blog, Bad Rhino. Read below for tips on three Chrome extensions you need to download to make your work faster and more efficient! Enjoy! For those of you not reading this article on Google Chrome right now, please pause your normal routine and download this browser ASAP! Known for its high speed performance, extremely intuitive and efficient browsing and its easy-to-use approach, Google Chrome is a win when it comes to your internet experience. However, to increase your time searching and working on the world wide web, there are a ton of options to ‘pimp-out’ your Chrome via their very-handy Web Store. Read below for three of my favorite extensions to add to your Chrome Browser and why!

1.     G New Doc

G New Doc

It’s no surprise that using Google Docs and Google Drive to organize your work and collaborate with others has become a huge trend in the past few years. One of my favorite extensions to add to my Chrome toolbar is “G New Doc.” It creates a large “G” button on the top right corner of your toolbar, and upon clicking you have the ability to create any new Google document that you may need! This is awesome because it saves you the time from going into your Gmail or Google Drive each time you need to access a document or create a new spreadsheet.

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