Thanksgiving in Chicago

Alam Thanksgiving LoveMe and AriaAlam ThanksgivingAlam Thanksgiving - Cheese I flew to visit my family in Chicago for a week, and we ended up celebrating Thanksgiving at one of his friend's house. Probably a good idea since I would have demolished leftovers for days after...Anyway, the food was delicious, the family that hosted the dinner was super inviting and we ended the night doing some Black Friday shopping at Best Buy. This year (along with every year), I'm super thankful for my family and friends who consistently support me and encourage me to keep going and doing 'my thang.' My brother was even bragging to his friend about me over dinner, and I couldn't be happier! The fact that he recognizes me as an independent and hard worker makes me geek out. I'm especially thankful for having a job and career that I get to mold myself. I'm allowed the freedom to work from wherever I want, and being able to take random trips to Chicago to spend time with my family and mini-me niece is what makes everything worth it. Life and work can only go up from here, so I'm planning on making some serious 2014 goals for myself.

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving as well and let's chat soon. Smiley face.