The Minimalist Approach.

So by the looks of my room, I am in need of clarity (and a maid perhaps). I need to debunk my life and the first way to do that is to declutter my lifestyle. I am a hoarder, a collector and a shopaholic. There, Mr. Blog, are you happy? I’ve admitted my problems and am now in need of a solution. I don’t know where the concept of purchasing items in every color, size, shape and shade became a necessity, but I am starting to feel overwhelmed with what I’ve made my bedroom. I need to go back to basics and create a wardrobe (and lifestyle) a little more classic and a little less manic. Now that I’ve started to delve into the digital space, why not look into eBay or Etsy as a few ideas to start? Consignment shops will also be of use as I can start selling all those pieces that still have price tags on them. From there, I plan on using that money on something more important than the tangible, materialistic life I may have turned to for therapy. I’m going to start this weekend and aim for a complete turnaround by August in hopes that I can start my 23rd birthday on a more organized note. Let’s hope for the best. Love, Drama Queen