The Work vs Love Balance

How-do-you-date-an-entrepreneur- As an entrepreneur, the hours are long and the work is never ending. In between client meetings and working on client deliverables, I'm constantly on the grind. And it's exactly the life I wanted because I find pride in having that one to one connection with clients and actually making a direct impact to local businesses. But I'm also in a relationship. And that can sometimes be a full-time job too.

For my fellow entrepreneurs - how do you balance your relationship with your significant other? Are they also an entrepreneur? And if not, how do they take your work ethic and long hours as you build your own empire? Turning off the laptop at a certain time is an ideal situation, but not always the case. I'm sure there isn't some easy answer to this question, but what are some little ways you keep the spark alive and moving forward while also maintaining your businesses? I'd love to hear your input in the comments below!