Things that make me happy.

* Sushi with spicy mayo sauce on the side* Cute babies that aren't shy to play peek-a-boo with you * Thinking you forgot your camera, but ending up finding it in the bottom of your purse * Gift Cards * The color purple * Ethnic or unique pieces of jewelry * People commenting or complimenting my graphic designs or blogs * Fast-working phones that don't freeze * Choosing fonts for documents or images * Fighting waves at beaches. Poseidon shall suffer! * That fresh scent of laundry when it comes out of the dryer * The feeling of typing on a MacBook Pro * Satisfaction from knowing I picked a good outfit for the occasion * Finishing a project, archiving that email and taking off the "To Do" labels * Satin and lace * Guacamole * Getting a new toy or app that brings out my creativity * Sales at Urban Outfitters * Finding a great Netflix movie after hours of searching * Comfortable flats * Making cupcakes with my niece * My niece. :)