This is it.

As I get up to switch out the two Redbox dvds I snatched today, I realized that this is it. This is the pinnacle that my life has reached, and I'm not sure if I could be better or worse off. I just finished making dinner with my friend Kat, one of my apartment's (well, it's more like a hostel these days) top resident, and we start to head into the cozy little living room for the rest of the night. My roommate Jena joins us, and we blast the air conditioning to balance out the blistering heat outside. Kat's bought a 3-pack of Cracker Jacks for the 3-pack of sister wives present in the living room, and we decide begin our night. A hookah and its remnant ash from when my friends visited, leftover Chips Ahoy and Oreos from another night's munchie session, and the usual empty water glasses and beer caps all lie on the coffee table. A glimpse (or is it a reminder)? of my life now. The majority of people my age are sitting in their parent's basements, bereft of the independence I've been able to attain. I get to do the craziest shit every night these days, and this is exactly why I moved to the city. No curfews, no rules, no fear. As I press the 'play' button on my DVD player and step towards my seat in Jena's old, brown bowlchair, I realized that this is it. And I wouldn't have it any other way.