Three Tips To Starting Your Business

Three Tips Before You Start Your Business

I see a lot of enthusiastic folks out there trying to start their own businesses these days, and I love it. An article I read recently mentioned how more than 40% of the U.S. workforce will consist of freelancers and independent contractors by the year 2020. Pretty darn awesome right? In my mind, now is the time to flourish on your own and create a solution to some of the world's voids by starting your own business or company. Because I'm in the process of becoming my own boss, I thought I'd share three tips to soak in before you take the plunge as a business owner.

1. Find a voice and style and stay true to it. I'm not one to talk because I've switched up my branding and style numerous times on this blog (hey, I'm picky sometimes!), but there's an impeccable sense of consumer loyalty and trust if they can blindly pick you out from a crowd. Consistency is key for retention, so try and maintain a brand image that you can stick to in the long-term. Finding a voice and style does take time, so my best advice is to go to good 'ole Pinterest and create a board. Think about the business you're trying to create, the type of people you want to attract, the type of imagery and visuals you want to maintain, and start pinning away! Pin photos and graphics that inspire you or make you feel connected to this new project of yours. After you're done, step back and take a look at your board. You'll hopefully notice key elements and features from all of your pins, so take that and transform it into your overall voice and style. Consider your competitors as well, so try to also craft a look and feel that is different from their branding. If you can somewhat maintain your original voice and style throughout the stages and evolution of your business, expect loyal fans who appreciate you as a company for staying true to yourself.

2. Reserve your social media handles asap. Having clean and consistent social media handles is a must for any business. By reserving your profile names right away, you'll be able to save yourself a few nightmares down the line when some random Jane Doe takes the name of your business as their Instagram handle. Setting up your social media profiles right away also allows you to see if there are any other businesses using the same name. If so, you might have to get creative and tweak your branding so that there aren't any trademark or copyright issues down the line. Try and keep your handles as similar (if not exactly the same) as possible as well. There's nothing more confusing or frustrating as @myname, @mynameblog and @iheartmyname as profile names for a company you're trying to connect with. Okay, there are a few things more annoying than that but you get the point.

3. Read, read, and keep reading. I've realized that a lot of the information I need when it comes to starting a business can all be found on the internet or through books or magazines. A lot of times I meet people who have great ideas but no clue on where and how to start. Become fully immersed into the world you want to join by reading from influencers in your industry, soak in entrepreneurship and small business tips from people like Marie Forleo and Jess Lively, follow relevant accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the list goes on and on. Regardless of the business you want to start, there is so much knowledge out there just waiting to be read, so take the first step and educate yourself. There are going to be a lot of new situations that occur when starting your own business, so the more you learn from others about their rise (and fall), the better off you'll be. And don't stop educating yourself once you launch your business. You'll only be doing an injustice to yourself and your audience if you don't keep learning and staying on top of your industry's trends. Knowledge is power my friends!

It takes dedication, passion and a lot of self-motivation to create a successful business - big or small. I hope my tips help you out on your journey! I'd love to hear what some of your tips are for starting a business as well, and if you'd like to learn more from me with posts like this. Thanks!