Time For Some Big Girls Moves

Hello 2014 So I'm pretty freakin excited about the new year. I've always been a fan of starting fresh...a tabula rasa-kinda gal of sorts. But this year is going to be even better, and I can feel it in my bones.

The start of 2013 was all about diving into the freelance world. A year ago, I had just invested in a studio space with the boyfriend and some friends, moved into a new apartment with a few female roommates and started my career as a freelancer. Throughout this past year, I moved again into a new apartment with the boyfriend, met a co-partner (in digital crime of course) to boost some projects, networked my a$$ off, started teaching others about blogging, and opened up an actual business with said-partner. I mean, it was one helluva year!

2014 represents going (and growing) up for me. To start off the new year, I'm moving across the street from my current apartment. I currently live in a tiny studio apartment with the bf (probably around 500 square feet total), but we're starting to outgrow the space. We've invested in some really cool pieces of furniture and decor, but they seem like they're all lumped together without any space to breathe. The clutter and lack of walking space has become such a hassle, so moving has been on our minds for awhile now. I reached out to my landlord and he mentioned a spot across the street that would be available. Turns out that it's a duplex (stairs to the bedroom!) with a living room the size of my current apartment total. I mean I'm so excited to lug all of my stuff across the street and have a more grown up apartment! I'll be documenting EVERYTHING here on the blog and on my Instagram, so get ready for some home decor and DIY overload. I'm looking to have a space that screams sophistication and comfort with a dash of blogger sparkle and a hint of earthy man. Yes, I just said earthy man. I have no idea how else to describe Josh's aesthetic haha.

The other part of 2014 I'm excited about is the fact that I'll be investing in a new car! I've been driving my dad's Acura around, and it's time to build my own credit. I'm learning all about cars now and I'm hoping to buy a used car under 12K. If you know of any good models that don't look like boring rental cars and have a MPG of 25+, please let me know. So far, the Kia Rio is in the lead.

Obviously, I love starting fresh with things. New apartment, new car, new sense of #bosslady with my businesses (which will be a whole other post), and a new gym membership with Ces! This year will be me making some big girl moves, being more accountable with my life, and turning my passions into a serious career. I mean, hello 2014 is an understatement for me. My feelings for the new year are more like...


Can you blame me? Happy Weekend everyone and keep grinding and hustling as usual!

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