Upcoming Workshop: How To Be Your Best CEO

Hello lovely readers! I'm excited to host a new workshop at The Hive on September 15th called "How To Be Your Best CEO." It'll be my first time teaching this workshop with the hopes of turning it into a series of classes for lady bosses in the Philadelphia area (and maybe a virtual class for lady bosses globally?). I'm working on the curriculum right now, but I'm really focused on giving attendees actionable deliverables and strategies so that they can leave the workshop with drafts of emails, updates to their websites, and other helpful tidbits for their business ready to launch. Some topics for discussion will include how to market your business, communication with clients, how to acquire new clients, processes that have and haven't worked for me, and how to focus on bigger goals while also maintaining your everyday schedule as a CEO. If you're interested in attending, the tickets are $20 (with a $2 Ticketleap fee), and I'll be providing wine and cheese for the event as well!