I haven't updated in ages! Well to sum up, I got a new full-time job working in Online Media and Advertising! I'm very new to the whole scene, but I'm learning everyday like my fellow co-workers. The year is almost to an end, and looking back, 2010 has been a great year. Ups and down, breakups and makeups, adventures and snores, and overall good times. I'm still thinking about what to do for New Year's Eve (do I even have off?) and how to celebrate the first New Years I'm celebrating with friends. Champagne toast at midnight? I think so! Anywhoo, I have to get back to organizing my life and cleaning my room (a clean room=a clean mind) so I can wake up early and hit the gym. Yes, you all must be thinking how that word even popped up in my vocabulary. Well, I've decided to make some life changes peeps! Watch out for a rejuvenated me for 2011! No more college shenanigans and tomfoolery; a professional and captivating new me is in the process!

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