Vine Lady

Philadelphia Blogger Philadelphia Blogger 2 Polka Dot Shoes Philadelphia Blogger 3So Celestine and I are going to start a new approach with our blogs where we become a little more present. Content will be catered a little better to our lives and what not, but our photographs will start including our lovely faces more. We stopped at this little corner in NoLibs (where I previously shot some photos of Sarah) and posed for the camera. I can tell you that we're pretty much naturals, ha. I just finished editing my batch so I hope you enjoyed them above! I'll be editing Celestine's photos, so keep an eye out on her blog for her gorgeous vine lady poses.

Oh p.s., you probably noticed but I caved in and bought this amazing BOOM sweater from Philip Lim's Target collection. I'm obsessed with it and I know I'll be wearing it all.fall.long. Sorry if I get too boom-nnoying from my sweater obsession. But I'm really not sorry, because I'm comfy and love life! Woooooohooooo!

Anyway, happy Tuesday everyone!