A Visit To Cape May

My good friend Sara grew up in Cape May and invited me to come with her one weekend for a little work and play. One of her latest PR clients is a fabulous little restaurant and general store called The Red Store. We spent the day snapping photos of the store and their amazingly delicious food, and then a little sightseeing around the area. The tourists (aka me) haven't started to come yet for the summer so the roads were open and the lines were sparse. It was a very peaceful weekend meeting Sara's family and friends, which was very appreciated to help balance my crazy life in Philly. We're already plotting for our summer plans in Cape May (it's only about an hour and some change to get there without traffic), and I couldn't be more happier to finally have some summer plans. Hello sun and beach! Below are some of the photos I snapped during my little getaway to Cape May, and have a great Monday! TheRedStore-58Cool Cape May-12TheRedStore-110 Cool Cape May-16 Cool Cape May-14 Cool Cape May-12 Cool Cape May-20 Cool Cape May-33 Cool Cape May-35 Cool Cape May-40