Weekly Reads

Weekly-ReadsThis is an awesome idea. I mean whoever thought of doing a weekly recap of your favorite articles and blog posts of the moment is a genius. Not only does it help you as a reader enjoy what your favorite bloggers of the moment are reading, but as a blogger you're also able to curate cool stuff on the internet for your readers. Which is really why I started blogging in the first place. To share my love for random things on the internet with everyone who cared! These link love/weekly read posts also forces me to read more, which is always a smart idea. Below are some of my weekly reads that I enjoyed recently and hope you enjoy as well! - We're all broke. This article from The Atlantic has some interesting insight on this depressing financial issue. #DamnYouSallieMae

- This is so awesome. The Blogacademy got interviewed by ABC for a feature while they were on their Melbourne stop. It's a great little clip showing how blogging really can turn into a profitable business!

- I recently found this cute blog called Catfish & Caviar and this post about haunted Chicago landmarks is pretty cool. I really need to become more of a Chicago city girl whenever I go to visit (I'm going back for Thanksgiving yay!) so that I can learn about cool places like in Drew's post!

- Chaucee recently hosted a shopping event with Nordstrom and Topshop. Jacqui and I went to go visit and let's just say, girl's just wanna have fun!

- Even though I'll be in Chicago for Thanksgiving this year, here's a list of some delicious Philly options for your Thanksgiving dinner!

- If you need to get your sh*t together, this might be a fun email subscription for you!

- In case you missed my Femme & Fortune happy hour, here's the recap!

- I love Google Analytics. Here's five tips to understand GA for newbies!

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