What's Your Motivation?

What's Your Motivation? | Ring The Alam

So I'm sitting here on a Tuesday night pondering about all of the work I have to do tonight. I've never been one to pull all-nighters for homework during high school or college, but I find myself doing it on more than one occasion these days. Quitting my 9-5 job and going freelance has been a blessing and nightmare. From financial stress, starting an amazing new relationship, the constant hustle of working, networking and branding myself, and all of the new opportunities and people I've been able to meet...the past few months have been pretty surreal. My parents keep bugging me about how long I think "I'll keep doing this thing?" My response each time is that this freelance life is my passion and I wouldn't trade it for anything...okay maybe for a few million dollars, an island in the Caribbean, and the body of Beyonce. But alas, a girl can dream the dream, but I'm all about maintaining the reality with an equal amount of fierceness as Sasha Fierce.

So this is my question to you: What's your motivation? What keeps you chugging along and doing all of the creative things you may do? If you're a freelancer or entrepreneur, where did that drive come from to keep reaching for your goals, and what inspires you to go beyond what your parents may have expected from you to do in order to live your dream?

For me, it's the passion of doing what I love that keeps me going. I geek out over learning new Photoshop skills, I love learning about web design and development, and I truly enjoy making a digital impact with small businesses and bloggers through my work. Yes, there are nights where the thought of sleep is like an evil temptress wooing me with the promise of dreams and an escape from deadlines and reality. But there are also similar nights where I'm working nonstop and actually feel exhilarated; everything else is an afterthought because I know that the hard work I put in now will only benefit me and my career for the future.

Anyway, enough of what motivates me - tell me in the comments below and who knows, maybe we can all motivate each other to be the best us that we can be. :)