Why Must You Be So Delicious Han Dynasty?

Growing up, my parents had a few very close friends. One of them (the lovely Sree Aunty) came to visit this past weekend and to celebrate, I took everyone out to some delicious Han Dynasty in Old City. Known for the authentic Szechuan cooking and spicy food, my parents and Sree Aunty loved it. They were astounded at how different and yummy the food was compared to "that other Chinese food." We got a bunch of dished included the popular Dan Dan noodles, Beef and Tripe in Chili Oil, Cumin Lamb, Garlic Sauce Chicken and Dry Pepper Style Fish (aka Flounder).  My mouth is actually salivating right now. Anyway, the food is beyond delicious and I recommend it to everyone willing to try out some spicy and flavorful nomnoms. Check out the pics below (I like Joshua's really awkward face with my family), and let me know next time you go to Han Dynasty!

Han Dynasty-3 Han Dynasty-4 Han Dynasty Han Dynasty-2