WOW Project Submission

TheHivePhilly Thinking about what to submit for my WOW Project had me thinking. Should I think out of the box and create something completely exciting and new? Should I use my love for photography and create some sort of story about my life?

After sitting down with some close friends, two things were apparent. A) I don't have time to be my usual, creative self and B) I'm already breathing and living a WOW project.

Insert The Hive - a co-working space for women I've created in Philadelphia. Currently in the trenches of getting a 900-foot-square space ready for 10 women to work out of at a time, The Hive has quickly become a dream turned reality for me. Gone are the days of me hiding in my apartment or coffee shops around town working on clients. I've hit a point in my life now where I feel like I'm on the right path for my career. I can now be the entrepreneur I've always dreamed of, rather than the "wantpreneur" I've considered myself.

I'm submitting the final website for The Hive as my WOW Project because it's one of the most epic moments of my life as I launch this website to the people of Philadelphia. Tonight, October 15th is the night that members can start registering to join my so-called "girl's club," media can learn more about my vision, and my family and friends can finally see the logistics and effort I've put into this little idea I had two months ago.

Joining HQ was never on my radar until Jessie and Nate brought it to Philadelphia and really showed a group of creative individuals what a global community could really mean. My love for traveling and social interaction are two reasons why I knew applying to join HQ would be a worthwhile experience for myself. I'd love to support the community of fellow HQ members in every way I can, and I know I'll be able to utilize the network as well for personal and professional reasons (i.e. expanding The Hive to other cities!).

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy my vision for The Hive as much as I do.


Melissa Alam