Yay A New Apartment!

Moving Day Above is a recap of yesterday. Celestine, the BF and I were all painting away my new apartment while stopping for the occasional Popeyes breaks. Classy right? Everyone keeps thinking that I'm moving in with the BF now, but we've actually been sorta living together since we first met. We got our first official apartment together last April, but it's a tiny studio apartment that's slowly becoming claustrophobic. This new apartment is right across the street from me (yay for easy moving!) with the same landlord (Jared, you rock!) and is much bigger. The bedroom is on it's own floor too, so we've got somewhat of a duplex.

I'm pretty excited since this new apartment has a bunch of potential as we slowly fix it up. We've already painted the living room a steel gray, and the kitchen and hallways are a caramel gold. We're also using some chalkboard paint here and there to add that little creative vibe to our place. It's also great because the stairs to our bedroom will have our little kitty exercising more. She's been purring to me recently how she wants that Beyonce body anyway.

Anyway, I had to take a little blog break in between painting, renovating and moving. Keep up with my fun little apartment renovating on Instagram with me, and Happy Monday everyone!