Zemanta & How To Find The RSS Feed On A Blog

So I've recently begun to work with a great content resource for bloggers called Zemanta (check out their blog for great tips on increasing traffic, blogging and online marketing tips here!) How it works: it's a basic widget you add to your Wordpress blog (sign up for it now, if you haven't already!), and it suggests content from RSS feeds of other popular sites and blogs that have signed up for the service. "How does it suggest content," you may ask? As you type your blog post, Zemanta reads your content and automatically finds related topics that you can choose to add below your blog post under a "Related Articles" section. It's a very easy way to get free links to you blog, as well as provide your own readers with other relevant blog posts and information. Check out Zemanta at work for this very blog post below:

Now, if you want to subscribe your blog to Zemanta to show up as a resource for other bloggers, I found a quick an easy tip for finding your RSS Feed! Simply go to the homepage of your blog, type in "Control + U" to go to your Source Code (the HTML code of your web page) OR go to your Settings/Options, Tools, then View Source. Then do a quick "Control + F" to find the terms "Feed." If you have  a RSS Feed set up, you'll easily see your Feed's URL (which is usually something like www.blog.com/feed.

If you can't find the URL, then you have to simply sign up for a RSS Feed via Feedburner or the Wordpress widget titled "RSS" and follow their instructions. The plus side for having an RSS Feed is that you'll be able to distribute content from your site or social media platforms through other web portals, readers, emails or widgets. The universal orange feed symbol means that you can automatically subscribe to any piece of content on the internet and aggregate it into one place (like Google Reader) for your reading delight. Great idea for up and coming internet fiends like myself!

Here's another resource from Mashable on "The Top 12 RSS Plugins for Wordpress" if you're interested in learning more! Let me know if you have any other questions or tips, as I'm still learning myself. :)


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