Brand Development Strategy Session

Brand Development Strategy Session


It’s time to take your brand and business to the next level!

Book your one-on-one strategy consultation with me and let’s create a customized game plan for you that brings in more sales, more clients and more customers. These sessions can be done either in person (if you’re in Philadelphia) or via Zoom/Skype and last up to an hour and half long. Before we meet, we’ll start off with a questionnaire so that I can learn more about your pain points and current issues. During our consultation, we’ll go over how to attract and create your dream business by:

  • going over your current offerings, target audience, and sales

  • defining your public relations/social media/digital marketing goals

  • curating a list of contacts, brands and influencers to help grow your brand

  • crafting a timeline for the upcoming months, breaking down tasks and deliverables

  • offer you tools and resources to create more efficient processes and systems

I like to think of myself as a one-stop-shop and partner for my clients; your success is my success! With that being said, if you end up signing on for further services such as a website redesign or rebrand, I’ll credit 50% of this strategy session to your final invoice.

Once purchased, you’ll receive a link with the next steps on scheduling your strategy session. I’m looking forward to working with you and getting you on track with your business!

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