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February 2019: - 7 Philly Biz Leaders on Why We Must Rethink Our Work-Life Balance Expectations

February 2019: The New York Times - Stephanie Cordes, Eric Stephenson (photo)

January 2019: - Small Business Saturday – Melissa Alam (podcast)

December 2018: Immutable Mutineers - Maven out to change the world- one idea at a time (podcast)

October 2018: - The Most Popular Breakfast in Every State (and Washington, D.C.) (photo)

September 2018: - Frustrated by ‘unrelatable’ conferences, Philly woman creates her own

September 2018: - Frustrated with conferences that catered to rich white people, this Philly woman created an inclusive one

August 2018: CBS News - Millennial women discuss feminism, sexual misconduct and the divide in politics

July 2018: - For these Philly millennials, side hustles are about more than making money

July 2018: - Three Philly-area spots are among Bon Appétit's 'Best New Restaurants' of 2018 (photo)

June 2018: - Build a Fanatic Following

June 2018: ZigZag - Melissa Alam (podcast)

June 2018: - On Dick Clark’s old dancing ground, the Grit Live podcast aims to be ‘the Pandora of entrepreneurs’

March 2018: Food&Wine - The Ultimate Donut Tour of Philadelphia (photo)

March 2018: - Philadelphia Doesn’t Want to Be the Silicon Valley of Anything (photos)

February 2018: - How to plan an inclusive women-in-leadership conference

February 2018: - Hustling It Out as a Serial Entrepreneur with Melissa Alam (podcast)

November 2017: - Look Inside Lebanese Market Suraya, Opening in Fishtown (photo)

November 2017: - Suraya's Levant-inspired market is now open in Fishtown (photo)

October 2017: Switch Pivot or Quit - Top 5 Tips for Being Fearless in Life and Business (podcast)

September 2017: - Organizing a Conference & Building a Community (podcast)

August 2017: – Creative Lady Directory Profile

April 2017: – 5 Tips For Turning A Blog Into A Business

December 2016: Technically Philly – Here’s how to win a free rebrand from a new creative agency run by women

November 2016: - Insta-View | @RingTheAlam

October 2016: {un}Convention 2016 – GUEST PANELIST // Melissa Alam of Studio Alam (Speaker)

October 2016: The New Glam – You Are Already Fearless Babe

October 2016: Naturalle Drea – The Fearless Conference

October 2016: Life According To Her – Get Fearless in Philadelphia

September 2016: – Melissa Alam And Her Team Are Teaching Philly Women How To Be Fearless

September 2016: – Why You Must Attend the Much-Waited Fearless Conference Happening in Philadelphia

September 2016: Brown Girl Magazine – Why You Should Attend the Much-Waited Fearless Conference Happening in Philadelphia


September 2016: Philly PR Girl – Girl Boss Guide: Events & Meetups

September 2016: iRadioPhilly – Fearless Conference

September 2016: CBS Philly – Fearless Conference Returning To Philadelphia

September 2016: Philly Mag – Driving Forces: 10 Things We Learned About Monetate CEO Lucinda Duncalfe During Her Commute to Work

August 2016: the Newsette - Morning Routine Feature

August 2016: Bauce Mag – Want To Plan The Perfect Conference For Creative Women? Melissa Alam Has The Answers

August 2016: Bunch Magazine – Press & Partnerships with Lizzy Okoro + Melissa Alam Webinar

May 2016: Bauce Mag – 25 Women-Focused Conferences That You Need To Add To Your Calendar

May 2016: The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast – Episode 9: Melissa Alam, 27, Founder of The Hive Philly & Founder of Femme and Fortune

April 2016: 2820 Radio – Ambition Podcast featuring Melissa Alam of Femme & Fortune

April 2016: Generocity – How not to start a business, courtesy of #Failfest

April 2016: Technically Philly – Here’s the coolest stuff we found at Temple’s startup showcase

April 2016: Her Campus – Four Women Breaking Barriers In Philadelphia

April 2016: – COWORKING: The risk of going niche

April 2016: Technically Philly – Everyone fails, hear what these founders learned from it

March 2016: 25th & June – PHENOMENAIL WOMEN of the Month

March 2016: World Women Foundation – Melissa Alam creator of Philadelphia’s first coworking space for women

January 2016: Philadelphia Magazine –  The Hive, a Co-Working Space for Women, is Closing

January 2016: Born in Brooklyn Media – Episode 7 Podcast

January 2016: Philly Voice – Philly Foodies Launch Spoonful Magazine

January 2016: Philly Voice –  The Hive, Philly’s female co-working space, is closing

January 2016: Philadelphia Business Journal – Local coworking space for women shuts down

January 2016: Technically Philly – The Hive, Philadelphia’s coworking space for women, is closing

January 2016: Green Philly Blog – Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Philadelphia

January 2016: Philadelphia Weekly – 2026:What Will Philly Be In 10 Years? (Cover Story!)

November 2015: Radar Online – Spotted Out And About In The Last 24 Hours (photo of Gordon Ramsay)

November 2015: OK Magazine – The Hottest Celeb Pics This Week (photo of Gordon Ramsay)

November 2015: Geekadelphia –  Fearless Philly Is Celebrating the Trailblazing Women of the World

November 2015: –  6 Reasons The Hive Makes It A Good Time To Be A Female Entrepreneur In Philadelphia

November 2015: The Self-Love Formula –  Ring the Alam: Millennial Entrepreneur and Ideaholic Melissa Alam Agrees “People Should Fail More”

November 2015: Philadelphia Style Magazine –  How to Wear This Season’s Boldest Lip Colors

November 2015: –  Female founders, CEOS flock to Fearless Philly Conference

November 2015: –  Five for Friday: The Hive’s Melissa Alam

September 2015: #FireworkPeople – Collaboration with Melissa Alam of The Hive

September 2015: – 13 Reasons You Should Live In Philly At Least Once In Your Life (#2!)

October 2015: The Everygirl –  Launching a Female Co-Working Space with Melissa Alam of The Hive

August 2015: Black Enterprise – [RECAP] Internet Week NY: Diverse Hiring, Intrapreneurship Key for Tech Startups

July 2015: Google Android Wear – Model for their Android Wear Experience campaign

June 2015: District Drive – A Co-Working Space for “Queen Bees

June 2015: – Coworking in Philly: Indy Hall mulls its future as Pipeline, Venturef0rth, others explode

June 2015: Al Dia News – Meet the Billennials – Melissa Alam

May 2015: The Fiscal Femme – Fiscal Femme Fridays

March 2015: Influence Action – #IAmBornToMakeHistory Campaign Honoree

February 2015: Lark & Lace – BossLadies: Melissa Alam

February 2015: Temple News – A Co-Working Space For Creative Women


January 2015: Philadelphia Business Journals – Here’s $1 billion. How would you use it on Philadelphia?

January 2015: Fox School of Business – Fox Alumna, Melissa Alam, Named One of Billy Penn’s Top Philly Start-Up Leaders

January 2015: Walnut Street Labs – A Trip Down Memory Lane: Melissa Alam’s Path to The Hive (presentation)

December 2014: Jessica Lawlor – Get Gutsy With Melissa Alam: “I Founded Philadelphia’s First Female-Only Coworking Space”

December 2014: NewsWorks/NPR – After a month, Philly’s female-only coworking space The Hive is getting off the ground

December 2014: NBC 10 – Philly’s Female-Only Coworking Space Getting Off the Ground

December 2014: – Girl power in Old City

December 2014: Officing Today – Coworking Space for Female Entrepreneurs Opens in Philadelphia

December 2014: Brown Girl Magazine – #GIRLBOSS Melissa Alam Launches Co-Working Space for Female Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia

December 2014: – #GIRLBOSS Melissa Alam Launches Co-Working Space for Female Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia


November 2014: Philadelphia Neighborhoods – Old City: Philly’s First All Women’s Co-Working Space Opens

November 2014: – Get a glimpse of Philadelphia’s first female-only co-working space

September 2014: – For women, she’s about to get the Hive buzzing in Old City

September 2014: The Philadelphia Tribune – Women own their voice at media conference

September 2014: CBS Philly – Co-Working Space, For Women Only, Prepares to Open in Old City

September 2014: – Coming Soon To Old City: The Hive, A Coworking Space For Women

September 2014: Coca Cola – Operation Freelance – 11 Tips for Staying Focused in an Unconventional Work Environment

September 2014: – What’s Next For MasterChef’s Courtney Lapresi? (photo!)

September 2014: Hidden City Philadelphia – Young Entrepreneur Melissa Alam plans to open…

September 2014: Kappa Phi Gamma – Melissa Alam Featured in Philadelphia News

September 2014: Philadelphia Style Magazine – Courtney Lapresi on Winning Season 5 of ‘MasterChef’ (photo)

September 2014: Philadelphia Business Journals – She’s Opening A New Co-Working Space, Just For Women

September 2014: The Declaration – Melissa Alam set to open Philly’s first female only co-working space for entrepreneurs, that’s cool

September 2014: Technically Philly – The Hive, a coworking space for women, is opening in Old City this fall


May 2014: Technically Philly – ‘Found and Fund’ event educating female entrepreneurs on investment (photo)

April 2014: Levo League – 3 Steps To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

April 2014: – Ask A Freelancer: Building A Network

April 2014: – “How Melissa Made The Escape”

February 2014: Ladypreneur League – “Ladypreneurs We Love – Femme & Fortune’s Melissa Alam

January 2014: Of Tress and Hues – “Guest Post – 3 Traits You Need To Be A Fantastic Freelancer

December 2013: – “Experiencing More in 2014

December 2013: Philly Blog Love – “Philly Blog Love Gift Guide – Gifts Under $25

December 2013: Studio 404 – “Creative Couples – Melissa and Joshua

November 2013: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “Choosing The Right Platform For Your Blogging Needs

September 2013: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “3 Tips Before You Advertise On Facebook

August 2013: Hello Brio – “Chats with Creatives

June 2013: Levo League – “The Best Lessons College Taught Me

June 2013: The Couch Sessions – “The Vendy Awards” (photo)

May 2013: Quirk Books – “Get Caught Reading Month – Melissa Alam Catches Philly Readers

May 2013: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “How To Go Viral With Your Company

April 2013: Poshmark – “Poshmark is Heading to Philly!

April 2013: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “Three Resources To Help Your Develop Your Creativity

March 2013: Bad Rhino Rumblings – 3 Chrome Extensions To Increase Your Browsing Experience

January 2013: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “Top WordPress Plugins For Beginners

December 2012: Trend Hungry – “The Sale-Rack Skinny With Melissa Alam

December 2012: Streets & Stripes – “ASOS Giveaway with Ring The Alam

December 2012: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “3 Tips Before You Go Freelance

November 2012: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “How To Be Your Own PR Agent

October 2012: Philly Love Notes – “Love Note #94

October 2012: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “Oh, You Fancy!

September 2012: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “Top 3 Free Project Management Platforms

August 2012: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “3 Content Creation Tips For the Everyday Blogger

September 2011: Bad Rhino Rumblings – “Streamin’ That Music Legally

November 2009: Temple News – “Spreading Shisha To Main Campus

September 2008: Temple News – “Sports for all Students

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